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Using a few Beautycounter products to do a glowing skin makeup for my dear friend Joy. I first cleansed Joy's face with Beautycounter Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing oil. Then I applied Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence with my fingers. Joy has sensitive skin and was already hydrated so I did not need to add any moisturizers.

Then I mixed a tab of Light 230 and Medium 340 of Skin Twin Featherweight foundation and applied on Joy's face. I mixed Light 2 Skin Twin concealer with Medium 340 Featherweight foundation and used on Joy. Eyebrow pencil in Light Clair on eyebrows. I used the bronzer to both contour and as a blush, to create the glow on Joy's cheeks. Mascara with Lengthening formula. On Joy's lips, I mixed Twig and Rose genius lip sheer.

Joy's skin is radiant and glowing with minimal products. And the products used are safe.

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