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I had so much fun doing a Glow and Glam makeup looks on my dear friend Lindsey today. Lindsey has expressed she has dark circles and wanted to know how to treat. My first thought went to skincare. We started by doing a mini facial with the Beautycounter Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil. The formula gently cleanses skin without stripping lipids from the skin's barrier. Followed by the Mineral Boost Hydration Essence for optimum hydration and radiance on skin's moisture barrier. We targeted under her eyes with Eye Revive Cooling Masks formulated with cucumber extract that calms and soothes skin. Then I applied the All Bright C Serum all over. Skincare preps, nourishes and protects skin before makeup application.

For Lindsey's Glow makeup look, I wanted to keep her porcelain skin fresh and rosy. I used the Skin Twin Featherweight foundation in Light 230 and Skin Twin Creamy concealer in Light 2. I tweezed her eyebrows which also helped in giving her eyes a little lift at the corners. Brow pencil in Light and filled in eyebrows. Mascara. I used the Illuminating Cream Highlighter on eyes as eyeshadow and on cheeks to highlight. A little blush of Melon swept up on cheeks. Finish with Rose lipstick.

For Lindsey's Glam makeup look, I wanted to give her skin a warm sun kissed look so I applied bronzer powder on forehead, cheeks with a big powder brush. Because Lindsey is fair, I mixed Mattiying powder in with the bronzer. I lined Lindseys eyes with black eyeliner and then brown eye shadow to soften the look. For pale, beige lips, I used Twig sheer lipstick.

Thank you Lindsey an amazing day of beauty and being my model!

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  • annieing

Using a few Beautycounter products to do a glowing skin makeup for my dear friend Joy. I first cleansed Joy's face with Beautycounter Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing oil. Then I applied Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence with my fingers. Joy has sensitive skin and was already hydrated so I did not need to add any moisturizers.

Then I mixed a tab of Light 230 and Medium 340 of Skin Twin Featherweight foundation and applied on Joy's face. I mixed Light 2 Skin Twin concealer with Medium 340 Featherweight foundation and used on Joy. Eyebrow pencil in Light Clair on eyebrows. I used the bronzer to both contour and as a blush, to create the glow on Joy's cheeks. Mascara with Lengthening formula. On Joy's lips, I mixed Twig and Rose genius lip sheer.

Joy's skin is radiant and glowing with minimal products. And the products used are safe.

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